Who am I?

Jeppe Andersson - Freelance mixing engineer, owner of Andersson Productions and educated Sound Engineer from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen, Denmark.
15+ years of studio music recording & mixing, and 400+ live shows under the belt, from national and international touring - that counts everything from a smelly basement bar, to the world’s biggest festival’s main stages.

My Goal:

To bring your ideas to music - and make the music come alive. Always striving to narrow the gab, and establish a bridge, between musician and listener - whether that be in a live concert scenario, or through recorded music.
To help communicate and substantiate the music’s intended message, vibe and emotion - connecting the artist and audience in a perfect symbiosis, in the most powerful way. I believe well executed sound engineering can help doing that, and that’s what I live for: Letting the music and art come alive. 

Work References:

I’ve worked with everything from blues to metal to commercial pop, and can honestly say that I enjoy every genre of music.
I’ve especially been working a lot in the field of hardcore and metal recording, mixing and mastering, and live sound for large-scale pop artists. Although I might be more experienced in some fields of work, I strive to and not let any musical genres limit me or my work.